South Whidbey Yacht Club Rules

Effective December 14, 2005

Section 1: Volunteerism

The effectiveness of any Club lies is the strength and spirit of its members who actively participate. Our Club Rules align with the Club’s core values by placing equitable and broad member based volunteerism at the center of how the club operates.  Any member interested in volunteering to participate in Board, Committee or event affairs shall advise the Membership Chair and shall be provided with information to participate in his or her area of interest.

Section II: Membership

The membership process will be administered by a Membership Chair appointed by the Commodore with Board of Director concurrence, recruited from the membership in good standing. The scope of responsibilities for the Membership Chair is as follows:

A member in good standing must sponsor and nominate prospective members. Application for admission to membership must be made in writing on such form, which is, from time to time, prescribed by the Membership Chair with endorsement from the Board. The Membership Chair will review the prospective member’s application and confirm that the applicant supports the goals and vision of the Club and is prepared to abide by the Club Bylaws and Rules. At the Membership Chair’s discretion a prospective member may be invited for an interview.

 The Board shall approve new memberships by majority vote. The Membership Chair will make a recommendation at the first Board meeting following the nomination.  The Membership Chair will notify the prospective member of the Board's decision on the following day.

 Every member, upon joining the Club and thereafter, is deemed to have notice of, and implicitly undertakes to comply with, the Club Rules and current Club By-Laws. Any refusal or neglect to do so, or any conduct that, in the opinion of the Membership Chair is a nuisance interfering with the rights of other members or visitors or in a manner injurious to the interests of the Club, shall render a member liable to expulsion by the Board of Directors majority vote.

Rights & Responsibilities:

Section III:  Information

In order to encourage the widest possible participation and information gathering, on matters requiring a Club decision which are brought to the attention of the Membership at a Regular Meeting by a member shall not be brought to a vote unless the topic was first submitted to the Secretary in writing 14 days prior to the meeting in question, and by whom the membership is informed of the topic before bringing it onto the Agenda of the Club’s next regular meeting.

 Meeting agenda topics, all notices, demands, bills, statements or other communications shall be in writing. Mailing of notices of meetings and any announcements pertinent to the affairs of the Club may be by e-mail, U. S. Mail, fax, other mail delivery service, or by inclusion in a monthly newsletter.

 Officers and Committee Chair persons, charged with specific tasks and projects will informally and formally seek input from the Membership in a timely manner by either direct contact, through emails or Club publications.

 The Club will periodically carry out surveys to determine interests, experience, ownership, and preferred contact methods.  Survey results will be available to members and a Club Directory will be kept and periodically updated.

Section IV: Committees

Club standing committees shall have a chairperson appointed by the Commodore with Board of Directors concurrence, recruited from the membership in good standing.  Members of a committee shall also be recruited from the membership in good standing, as the chairperson may deem necessary for the fulfillment of the task.  Committees shall have a minimum of three persons and are authorized to co-opt expert opinion from persons outside the club as needed to fulfill the committee tasks.

 A member of any committee or officer transacting business for the Club shall disclose to third parties that he or she is acting in such specific capacity. In any matter referred to any committee or meeting in which any committee member has a financial, monetary or business interest he shall declare his/her interest and withdraw from the relevant topic under consideration. Such interest shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

 Committees shall meet either face to face or virtually by common accord and as required to get the job done in the time allotted.  Committee chairs shall produce a monthly report for the Board of Directors and General Membership meetings.  Committee recommendations shall be made by majority vote/concurrence of committee members. Unresolved discord or dissent may be  put before the  Board of Directors, or at the Board’s decision  to the general membership for resolution. All Committee chairs are ex-officio members of the Board and without Board voting privileges.  Responsibilities and authority of each committee shall be approved by the Board on an as needed basis and circulated to the membership in a timely way.

Scope of Responsibilities:

Section V: Guests & Reciprocity

We welcome guests to club events and activities as a way to determine if membership is of interest.  In that spirit, we ask that members accompany guests and introduce the guests to other members. Consecutive visits by the same guest shall be limited to three visits within a six-month period.  Spouses or partners of Single Members may not participate as Guests except on terms and conditions as the Board of Directors may at its discretion determine.

 Members of reciprocating Clubs shall be welcomed as visitors may enjoy the privileges of a Member except voting, for a continuous period of not more than two weeks.

 Proposals to invite another Club to reciprocate shall be given to the Secretary, who after consultation with the Board may contact the Club to seek reciprocal agreement. The Secretary shall maintain and publish a list of reciprocating Clubs.