South Whidbey Yacht Club Youth Sailing Association

2018 Adult Sailing Program

You know you’ve always wanted to learn to sail. Now’s the time! Our program emphasizes how to sail, while being safe and having fun. Sailing classes are offered at Lone Lake County Park. Classes are taught in an open-air classroom setting and on the water at Lone Lake. Cost for the class is $200 per student. South Whidbey Yacht Club members receive a $50 reduction**. We accommodate participants with special needs as much as possible.
Beginning Sailing: Each student will sail in a 12-ft. SF Pelican with one other student and an experienced sailor. After the two students are comfortable and safe, they may sail without the instructor. This is a perfect class for someone with no sailing knowledge at all but who has a desire to get on the water and learn how to sail. It’s a great class for others who might have some sailing experience but want to gain more confidence.
Intermediate Sailing: For the first time, we are offering Intermediate Small Boat Sailing. Emphasis will be on learning to sail faster and smarter with greater confidence. You will also explore sail racing, as a means to practice more complex maneuvers and learn to gain power using sail shape controls. Intermediate students will have completed enough beginning classes or the equivalent practical time at the tiller to feel comfortable on their own in a small sailboat. This is also a great time for more experienced sailors to brush up on their racing skills. Classes will run concurrently in all 3 sessions. Self-identify at the first session and you’ll be provided the proper course material and assigned a boat and instructor for this class.

Scheduled Classes:

All sessions will be able to accommodate both beginning and intermediate sailors.

Session 1
Saturday & Sunday
June 9-10 10 AM to 4:30 PM - Lone Lake County Park
Session 2
June 11-14 2 PM to 4:30 PM - Lone Lake County Park
Session 3
Saturday & Sunday
June 16-17 10 AM to 4:30 PM - Lone Lake County Park

June 15 is reserved for a Regatta or a make-up for Sessions 1 & 2 - Session 3 students may attend this day as well and would be used as an orientation time.

BEGINNERS: Need no prior sailing experience. However, students in this class must be comfortable around the water. They must feel confident that if a boat should capsize they can stay afloat for 5 minutes or more. They should have sufficient mobility to move about in the boat and react quickly in some situations.
INTERMEDIATES will have completed enough beginning classes or the equivalent practical time at the tiller to feel comfortable on their own in a small sailboat, with the abilities to launch, sail and land.

Equipment & Supplies:  Beginning students will use a 12-foot sailing pram called a SF Pelican and will sail with another student and with an instructor onboard until comfortable on their own. Intermediates will also sail in Pelicans with another student and may have the opportunity to sail in Vanguard 15s or other similar boats. (Vanguards are more tippy, and a wet suit or dry suit might be desired for them.) All students should bring a properly fitting PFD (Personal Flotation Device) or life jacket. Students should bring a bag with a change of clothes, a towel, a nonglass water bottle, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and any other personal items. The clothes bag should remain on shore in case of a capsize. The Pelican is a sturdy little boat built to sail safely on San Francisco Bay and doesn’t tip over easily, but it can capsize, so it’s always good to be prepared. Garden boots would be nice, but sneakers or shoes that can get wet will do as well. No open toe shoes or sandals please.

Staff and Course:  Our head instructors are US Sailing certified and will be assisted by experienced dinghy sailors. Sufficient staff will be on hand to ensure that all students can improve their own personal skill set.
Beginning Sailing: Beginners will be provided with the US Sailing textbook Learn Sailing Right! Beginning Sailing. The course will cover safety on the water, sailboat nomenclature, wind awareness, rigging, and sailing basics, leaving and returning to the shore, rules of the road, etiquette and maybe a few sailor’s knots. Our priorities are safety, then fun, then learning.
Intermediate Sailing: Students will be provided with US Sailing’s Learn Sailing Right! Intermediate Sailing. The course will focus on improving skills and comfort in boat handling, learning sail shape and controls, rules of the road and small boat racing techniques in a fun, safe, and nonthreatening class.

Safety:  Participants should bring a properly fitting Coast Guard-approved life jacket (a few will be available at the site). We require that participants and staff wear their life jackets at all times when on the water. Instructors in motorized safety boats will accompany and protect participants who are sailing.  Instructors will teach sun protection, proper clothing, maintaining body temperature, capsize recovery and rules of the road.

Registration:  Forms are available at the South Whidbey Parks & Rec Bldg. and at their website. Registration will be accepted up until the date classes begin provided that space is available. Each class is limited so early registration is encouraged to ensure admission and facilitate scheduling. SWParks & Rec will maintain a waiting list. We reserve the right to cancel or combine classes depending on enrollment. Since these are two-person boats, couples and partners are encouraged. Contact the SWYC staff for more information or email

**To qualify for a South Whidbey Yacht Club member discount, members must be in good standing before June 1 of the current year. Inform your Registrar at SW Parks & Rec that you are a club member.

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